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Boy Scout Flag Delivery Program Gets Underway

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Submitted Photo

The Boy Scouts in Troop 44 will begin their 2014 flag delivery program this week with the Feb. 17 President’s Day Holiday. The flag delivery program includes seven patriotic holidays for which Troop 44 leases flags to homeowners throughout the community and delivers them for display for the holidays.

Delivery usually occurs on Saturday before a Monday holiday, with the Boy Scouts retrieving flags on the Tuesday after the holiday. The cost for the program is $40 for the entire year, and the amount can be pro-rated for homeowners who aren’t able to register before the first holiday of the year.

The Boy Scouts will be visiting homes throughout Van Alstyne this weekend for a second reason, as well – to retrieve the now-filled “Scouting for Food” bags which the Cub Scouts delivered last weekend. Everyone is encouraged to get those bags filled and out on their porches by 10 a.m. on Saturday, for all donations to be received and delivered to the local food pantry. All food items will stay in this community to serve those in need in Van Alstyne.

After delivering flags and retrieving food bags, scouts will be going door-to-door in a few neighborhoods to encourage individuals to sign up for the flag lease program. Anyone who wants to register for the program this weekend may do so by contacting Troop Committee Member in charge of the program, Tom Brown, at 903-357-0208, or via email at

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