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Fatalities Darken Local Roads

Leader Photo Courtesy Van Alstyne Police Department  This early-morning accident at County Line Road cost one man his life.
Leader Photo Courtesy Van Alstyne Police Department This early-morning accident at County Line Road cost one man his life.

Van Alstyne police responded to a fatal accident on Jan. 23, a bizarre crash scene which left one man dead.

Just after midnight on Jan. 23, Van Alstyne officers responded to a report of a single-car automobile accident on southwest Henry Hynds Expressway at County Line Road. What officers found at the scene was a 2010 Nissan Sentra crashed on the south side of the County Line Road. bridge.

The car was traveling southbound on Hwy. 75 and exited at Exit 50 at a high rate of speed. Where the road then bends to the west the driver of the vehicle continued to go straight, drove up the grass embankment and literally jumped the side of the bridge. The car sailed for nearly 250 feet before crashing on the other side of the road.

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Gilbert Esteban, 54, of Dallas. He was extricated from the vehicle and pronounced dead on scene.

According to VAPD Chief Tim Barnes, the accident appeared to be alcohol-related.

“We are waiting on toxicology reports from the Collin County Medical Examiner’s office to see what the level of intoxication was,” said Barnes.

VAPD assisted on another fatality accident, this one on F.M. 121 at about 4 p.m. on Jan. 25. As a car driven by Karla Sprowl was attempting to turn onto Hynds Ranch Road, a motorcycle driven by Troy Kardokus attempted to pass several vehicles in a no-passing zone. The motorcyclist struck the rear of Sprowl’s vehicle, sending him flying onto the pavement and forcing the car off the road.

Kardokus, 48, of Wylie, was pronounced dead at the scene. Sprowl was unhurt in the accident.

In addition to the two fatality accidents, VAPD also arrested 23-year-old Daniel Garcia, of Plano, on a driving while intoxicated charge. Garcia was arrested at 2152 northbound Highway 5 at F.M. 3133 at 10:52 p.m. on Jan. 26.

On a more positive note, the addition of a second communications console gives the department a more solid footing. Thanks to a Criminal Justice Grant through the State of Texas, the department had the equipment installed a week earlier. The secondary communications console gives the city’s emergency services redundancy in case of the need for backup, the ability to set off the sirens directly from the console (which the other console does not have) and the ability to bring in different departments through a gateway, another benefit over the first console.

“It’s going to assist us with the ability to have in times of need multiple communications officers working and using the radio at the same time,” explained Barnes. “We didn’t have that before. If we have multiple events going on we could have two communications personnel on the radio with officers, EMS or fire personnel where before we had only one console. And with the redundancy we now always have a backup.”

The cost of the console was $23,651.40 and was 100 percent covered by the Criminal Justice Grant.

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