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Jefferson St. Residents Say No to Evergreens

A request by Golden Chick restaurants for a zoning variance brought concerned citizens to the Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting prior to the Van Alstyne City Councll meeting on Tuesday night.

At the core of the issue was a request for a variance to allow for use of the existing residential fencing as well as installing a hedge screen to meet the intent of the ordinance rather than the required opaque wood fence or masonry fence. In essence, instead of constructing a wood or brick fence between the rear of the planned Golden Chick restaurant and neighboring residents the company wanted to plant evergreen bushes to meet the 6-foot height requirement.

Residents, however, were not in favor of the request, instead expressing their desire for a brick fence. A representative for the company stated the bushes would act as a noise buffer and meet the sound requirements and that Golden Chick would be responsible for maintenance.

Jefferson St. resident Alfred Loftice was in direct opposition to the request.

“We change too much stuff to accommodate too many people,” said Loftice to the council.

Van Alstyne Public Works Director Steve White gave Council even more to consider when he stated that if a wall was constructed his crews might not be able to reach utilities behind the wall.

Council tabled the motion until its December meeting and requested that a representative from the company’s engineering firm be on hand to answer questions.

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