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TWDB Approves $1.7 Million Loan for Van Alstyne

Leader Photo by Rodney Williams  Burst water pipes, such as this one earlier in the year, have cost the city money and man hours.Buy Photo
Leader Photo by Rodney Williams Burst water pipes, such as this one earlier in the year, have cost the city money and man hours.

On Thursday, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) approved a loan for $1,730,000 to the Greater Texoma Utility Authority from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund on behalf of the City of Van Alstyne to finance wastewater system improvements.

Van Alstyne City Council had approved the application for the loan in September after speaking with Jerry Chapman from the Greater Texoma Utility Authority (GTUA.) Council will still have to approve acceptance of the loan at the December meeting.

The money will actually be broken down into two parts pending Council approval; 1) $333,824 would go toward the wastewater treatment plant for upgrades and replacements; 2) $1,364,753 would go toward sewer main lines, manholes and outfall lines.

Van Alstyne Public Works Director Steve White said the funds will allow his department to get the troublesome wastewater treatment plant further into state compliance.

“It will actually reduce the cost of operations at the plant,” said White.

He stated also that he plans to implement underground technology in repairing the sewer lines. In essence, this technology, which White has experience with, would allow for the repair of these lines without tearing up the streets and roadways.

“I’ve used it before, and it’s worked well,” said White.

The water and wastewater infrastructure has been of particular interest to Van Alstyne residents in the past years. The crumbling and decaying system has suffered several interruptions of service due to burst pipes. Most recently, the city suffered a series of burst pipes within a 24-hour period starting on Oct. 22. Three different pipes burst at two different locations forcing the city to institute a boiled water notice and the closure of all restaurants in town for the next two days. The city lost approximately a half-million gallons of water during this incident.

In September, burst pipes cost the city 800,000 gallons of water along with increased man hours for repairs and water revenue for the city.

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