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VAMS Students Say “Thanks” to Local Firefighters

The Rachel’s Challenge Acts of Kindness/Leadership Team paid a visit to the Van Alstyne Fire Department on Oct. 11 to say “thanks” to local firefighters for all they do. VAMS students showed their appreciation to the firefighters with handmade posters and gift baskets.

Rachel’s Challenge emphasizes kindness and compassion among students. Grades fifth through eighth were represented by the Acts of Kindness/Leadership Team, which exercises three points of emphasis in keeping with the philosophy of Rachel’s Challenge; 1) Acts of kindness, 2) Chain Links and 3) New students. The program encourages random acts of kindness in every facet of life — and especially at school — while paper chain links on campus denote those acts. The group places a special point of emphasis on making sure new students feel welcomed on campus.

The visit was appreciated by the VAFD firefighters.

“When we can get involved with the kids in town, I like that,” said firefighter Toby Young. “We all appreciate it.”

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