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Van Alstyne Culture Club

The Van Alstyne Culture Club met on Nov. 14 in the cozy country home of Mrs. Janet Cooley. President Susan Berryhill called the meeting to order and Vice-President Teddie Ann Salmon introduced guest speaker Mrs. Sylvia Marrs. Sylvia taught for The Bureau Of Indian Affairs in her early teaching career. She also taught choir to the middle school-age students and developed her own curriculum around the songs and chants of the different Indian tribes.

Sylvia had great love for her shy and respectful students. She regaled us with stories of travel to performances at the State Fair of Arizona, California, Europe, and a birthday party for former Governor Barry Goldwater. Sylvia led us in Indian songs and demonstrated dance steps and rhythms, ending her presentation with a story we will never forget. She was escorted from Temple by her husband Bill.

Van Alstyne Culture Club enjoyed yummy treats and hot drinks. Assisting Mrs. Janet Cooley with refreshments were co-hostesses Mrs. Gretchen Renne and Mrs. Allison Royalty.

We then finished our business meeting. Teddie Ann, chairman of our parks committee, reported that she had purchased two new trees, completing our commitment for the North Park at this time.

Once again we were missing several members. Our meeting in December will be at the First United Methodist Church on Dec. 12.