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Van Alstyne Scouts Provide Labor Day Flag Service, Plan for Cub Scout “Fun Day”

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The Boy Scouts in Troop 44 capped off a busy summer with a fun trip to Burger’s Lake in Fort Worth earlier this month and are now preparing for their usual Fall commitments, beginning with Labor Day flag service for residents throughout the community. Individuals interested in signing up for the rest of the year can contact Tom Brown at

In addition to the community-wide flag service, the Boy Scouts also raise the flag for each of the home football games, with the first home game on Fri., Sept. 5. The following Saturday, Sept. 13, the scouts will host a Cub Scout “Fun Day” at the Scout Hut to help recruit first through fourth grade boys into the Cub Scout program. Games, inflatables and other activities will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with hotdogs available for purchase for lunch. The Scout Hut and Scout Museum will be open all day for tours and for potential new scout parents to meet the current scout leadership.

The Troop will camp out at a nearby ranch the last weekend of the month, Sept. 26-28, for the boys to work on fishing, camping and cooking merit badges. This will be their first camp-out since returning from summer camp at Camp Wilderness in Minnesota, where 24 boys and 14 leaders attended, with an additional two adults and six boys enjoying a special 50-mile canoe trek at the renowned Northern Tier facility on the Canadian boundary waters. Altogether, the boys earned more than 80 merit badges, from activities like archery and rifle shooting to kayaking and canoeing.

The boys will be receiving recognition for all of their merit badges and scout rank advancements at the bi-annual Court of Honor, which will be held Tuesday evening, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church. Friends and family are invited to attend this special ceremony to honor the boys for their accomplishments.

By the end of September, the boys in both Troop 44 and the Cub Scouts in Pack 6 will begin a fall fundraiser, selling Christmas wreaths this year rather than the usual Scout popcorn. Residents throughout Van Alstyne will want to be on the look-out for boys coming door-to-door selling the wreaths to show their support for the boys and the longstanding tradition of scouting in Van Alstyne.