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Leader Photo by Rodney Williams  Oliver gets up close and personal with Noah Dunning
Leader Photo by Rodney Williams  Spinning tops were part of the show
Leader Photo by Rodney Williams  Oliver shows the enthralled crowd a few tricks
Leader Photo by Rodney Williams  Valerie Oliver teaches Olivia Billy the fine art of mastering the yo-yo

Kids and adults alike got a fun dose of a unique talent as Valerie Oliver, former Minnesota State Yo-Yo Champion, 2004 recipient of the Linda Sengpiel Award for yo-yo excellence, 2004 silver medalist National Top Champion and 2006 World Champion Female Top Spinner, put on her famous Whirled on a String show at Van Alstyne Public Library on Monday morning. Oliver used a full assortment of yo-yos and spinning tops to demonstrate the scientific properties of friction while turning a whole new generation on to yo-yos. Above: Noah Dunning (lime green shirt) helped Oliver with her “William Tell” demonstration, while Olivia Billy got a quick tutorial on how to properly yo-yo.