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No Place Like Home

Finding a place to live is easy, finding a home is hard.

There you have it, my words of wisdom for the year. Like most people, I’ve lived in my fair share of different houses over the course of my life. I lived in three homes through the first 14 years of my life, with only one of those what I would truly consider to be a home.

I’ve never had a roommate (other than a spouse) but I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of living with an in-law for a brief time. We were living in a house belonging to a man who had been transferred to Chicago on business. Well, you guessed it, he came back. So when we thought we were going to renew our lease Fate laughed at us. So it was that I ended up living with my former father-in-law for a time.

But we found the right house, and eventually the “we” became “I” and I lived in that house for 19 years, raising my two sons in the process. That was a home. When I eventually got remarried we decided it was time for a new home and we built our dream home.

I think of all this because I have my best friend – we’ve been buddies for 25 years – who is in a weird place regarding homes. Noticed I used the plural…

My buddy also got remarried and moved in with his new bride into her house in Rockwall. Well, they decided they wanted to build their dream home (copycats) and got in touch with a custom builder and moved out into the country.

That country home, however, turned out to provide a bit too much isolation and, frankly, Mrs. Best Buddy wasn’t happy out there so they started looking around. Lo and behold, they find a historic fixer-upper that rang all the bells for them and they put a bid in on it. So, after a little wheeling and dealing they are going to live just a few minutes away. Hurray!

While all this was going on, meanwhile, they were closing on their original home in Rockwall, listing their home in the country with a realtor and making bids on the home near me. And this is how it worked out: the Rockwall home sold and closed on a Friday; the country home was bought on Saturday by the daughter of the realtor who was going to list the house even though it never made it to market; and their final bid was accepted on the home near me on Sunday.

So, let me sum this up: within three days they owned two homes, then sold one, then sold another, then committed to buying another. That’s a three-home swing in a three-day span. Very nice.

The story is not done, however, as Irony decided to play her part. The couple that dealt three houses in three days was, at the end of the month, going to be homeless. The Rockwall house was gone, the country house is set to close near the end of August and their new home near me is being renovated as part of the bank loan and won’t be ready for two to three months. Luckily, they found a place to live in the interim, but it was hairy for awhile.

Like I said, it’s not always easy finding a home.

Rodney Williams is the managing editor for The Anna-Melissa Tribune, Van Alstyne Leader and Prosper Press. He can be contacted at, or