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Resolving to Keep my Resolutions

We all do it, make New Year’s resolutions and then fail to follow through. I used to make these resolutions but then quit for years because of the senselessness of it all. But like most things that I’ve failed at I haven’t been able to put those stupid mini-life goals out of my mind.

So, what the hey, I’ll give it another whack. However, since I haven’t done this in a few years I’m going to go whole hog and pile on more than one to my 2014 Make-a-Better-Rodney list. So, here we go.

I resolve to drop some pounds and, in general, be less lethargic. This absolutely has to be the No. 1 resolution across the country — I can’t imagine what would top it. On the face of things, I’m fairly active: there’s ice hockey, motorcycle riding, shooting sports, etc. But in reality I spend too many weekday evenings decompressing and downing bad food. I vow from this point on that McDonald’s will be seeing less of me.

To go along with the weight thing, I vow to bow to my wife’s wishes and get outside more often. That mountain bike that I spent so much money on has being hanging on the garage wall more than a bat in a cave. I need to push some the pedals.

I resolve to be a more patient person. I’m not the — how do I phrase this — “kindest” person when it comes to bad drivers. Driving in post-Christmas traffic on Hwy. 75, with my wife at the wheel of her little Fiat, some, um, kind gentleman cut us off with a pretty aggressive maneuver. I did something I later regretted but it didn’t matter because he didn’t see me — he was too busy texting while driving. I have to come to terms that a number of drivers are idiots behind the wheel but there’s really nothing I can do about it. This one is a hard one.

Along those same lines, I resolve to be a more patient person in public. The fact is, I hate crowds, and I’m guessing it shows sometimes.

I resolve to accept the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are going to continue to crush my dreams for years to come. I long defended owner Jerry Jones, saying he couldn’t be the worst general manager in history. Well, okay, maybe he is. Then I defended firing Wade Phillips and hiring Jason Garrett as head coach. I still believe Phillips was a good firing but Garrett, well, he’s not the answer, either. How does an Ivy League-educated coach continue to make such stupid mistakes?

I resolve to not be so jaded. It’s hard in this business to not be jaded. There are so many people I come into contact with who are working so many different angles. But if I sit down and think about it I realize that those folks fit into a very small category when I look at my dealings overall. Why is it the negative so easily outweighs the positive when the scales are quite obviously balanced on the good side of things?

Finally, I resolve to keep these resolutions. This last one will be hardest of them all.

Rodney Williams is the managing editor for The Anna-Melissa Tribune and the Van Alstyne Leader. He can be contacted at or

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