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A Test of Mettle

Feb 27, 2015 1:01am

Facebook can be a wonderful thing if you follow the right people. We don’t always do that — me especially — and so get constant updates from narcissistic souls who truly believe we care that they...

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The Great Velveeta Shortage of 2014

Jan 17, 2014 1:01am

I’m not a disciple of Velveeta cheese; frankly, I prefer the real thing to the processed fake stuff. But I refuse to have a shortage of Velveeta and Ro-Tel cheese dip on Super Bowl Sunday. If I...

The Cost of Ethics

Jan 10, 2014 1:01am

If there is one thing I’ve learned over my years on this plane it’s this: it’s not always easy to do the right thing. And in a more pragmatic sense, it’s not always cheap to do the right thing....

Resolving to Keep my Resolutions

Jan 01, 2014 1:01am

We all do it, make New Year’s resolutions and then fail to follow through. I used to make these resolutions but then quit for years because of the senselessness of it all. But like most things...

Keeping the Faith

Dec 24, 2013 1:01am

Faith is a powerful thing. In the right hands and used the right way, religious faith is the ultimate conduit of good. In the wrong hands, it can be twisted and contorted into something evil. Wars...

Anti-social Media

Dec 20, 2013 1:02am

I confess, for a fairly tech-savvy guy I’m not too big on social media. The English major in me rails against the dumbing down of our language as used and severely abused by Twitter, the droning...

A Winter Wonderland? Not Quite.

Dec 13, 2013 1:01am

As I sit here gazing out my window upon sheets of white ice, black slush and icicles giving up their existence in deference to slowly (too slowly) elevating temperatures, I reflect upon my status...

Savoring the Season

Dec 05, 2013 1:01am

The holidays are upon us and there is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for and much to do. There is also much about the holidays that is overrated or underrated. Following is my personal...

Backing Down the Bullies

Dec 02, 2013 11:37am

We the Media may not always do the right thing or do it at the right time, but occasionally we get it right. And sometimes occasionally we’re just good for getting the word out.

Take the...

The Unknown Guard

Dec 02, 2013 11:37am

Van Alstyne Middle School put on a Veteran’s Day presentation on Monday and it was definitely worth an hour of my time. Any chance we get as a community to honor our veterans we need to make the...

The Art of Halloween

Nov 08, 2013 1:01am

So, Jack, my nephew by marriage, has gained a bit of notoriety as of late. You see, Jack is a huge fan of Tow Mater from Cars. You know Mater – the buck-toothed tow truck from Disney’s Cars as...

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