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Van Alstyne Library News & Notes

This is the tenth year that Teen Council will host Poetry Night. This long-standing event is one of the first programs we put together. The premise is a simple one but one that experience has helped shape into a quality program that is not only fun, but educational as well.

Poetry celebrates the individual word, the sound and rhythm of language in a way that can be fine-tuned into an art form. How the words are shaped and what picture they paint, not only with their structure and meaning, but with the emotion they evoke and the connotation they impart can be a difficult skill to master. Young adults have a need to express the multitude of feelings they find themselves swimming in every day. Poetry can offer an outlet and safe place of expression.

This event is designed for high school-aged teens. Teens are invited to the library to participate in an hour of learning about and reading different genres of poetry. The four genres we will explore this year are Adult, Young Adult, Children’s, and Spanish. Each genre has its own group which is moderated by a Teen Council member. The group learns about what makes that genre unique and significant authors while reading poems and discussing their thoughts.

Students in tenth through twelfth grade are invited to join us Feb. 13, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. here at the library for our 10th Annual Poetry Night. Thank you to the Van Alstyne High School teachers who are offering extra credit for participation.

Do you know someone who can no longer read the traditional book or magazine due to a physical challenge? Was there an accident that led to paralysis, loss of limbs or sight? Does arthritis prevent holding a book? Does macular degeneration mean even large print books are not legible? If so, we can help this person have free audiobooks and audio-magazines delivered to their mailbox for absolutely free. We are a demonstration site for the Texas Talking Book Program. As an approved demonstration site I have a player and sample audiobook here at the library so I can show you how easy it is to operate. I can also sign the application form to approve the person to qualify for this service.

The Texas Talking Book Program recordings will be sent at no charge to the member and return postage is free, as well. Get in touch with me if I can be of assistance to someone you know who wants to enjoy books but can no longer handle the printed word.

Summer 2014 programming is coming together. Here are a few great events you can plan to enjoy.

— Whirled on a string – Valerie Oliver, professional yo-yo and spin top champion

— The Incredible Bubble Show – Linda Berman, the Texas Bubble Lady, “has presented The Incredible Bubble Show in Texas, Southern California, Arizona and Hawaii. She has also performed her “bubble magic” in Canada and Belgium.”

— Mad Science – a huge hit for us this past summer, we’re sure to be amazed at their newest production

As with last summer great prizes, crafts, movies, and fun games are in store for the whole family. Thanks to the Friends of the Library for providing the financial support for our summer programming.

Hope to see you around the Van Alstyne Public Library.

(Special thanks to Judy Kimzey for Poetry Night information)