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Bulldogs Close Curtain on 2013 Season

Leader Photo by Michelle Carney
Leader Photo by Michelle Carney

The Howe Bulldogs finished their 2013 season in Sunnyvale on Nov. 15 on a sour note as the Raiders came away with a 41-6 win.

Howe’s only score came on a 1-yard run by quarterback Joaquin Lopez in the third quarter. Junior Anthony Hawthorne had his sixth consecutive 100-yard rushing game, getting 109 on 26 carries in the season’s final contest.

For Howe’s 18 seniors, the season didn’t go as planned, nor for the new coaching staff that took over back in August. The one-game improvement, 3-7 as opposed to the 2-8s of previous years, may not seem like much, but sometimes progressed is measured in small steps.

The equipment has been washed and put away, Bulldog Stadium gets some time to recover and for those players who will return in 2014, the off season is on the way.

Our thanks to those seniors who battled hard this year. Best wishes down the road to Randle Nix, Tanner Ford, Tyler Nicholson, Zach Lea, Edward Cruz, Bryce Mosier, Ramon Fierro, Kevin Covington, Lloyd Spotts, Joseph Hawthorne, Blake Burnett, Brady Smith, Kole Mullens,Tyler Morrow, Jake Akins, Cody Whittington, Riley Waters and Carter Akins.