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Cross-Country Report

On our way to Farmersville Friday night we passed by a “4-sell” pickup, with a “window” price of 10K.

We offered the owner $6,200, U.S.dollars, but he turned us down.

Perhaps only Evan McQuirk will get that, but here we go.

Evan, who was Texas’s Class 2A runner of the week after his performance at the Jesuit meet, led a pack of more than 180 varsity boys across the finish line of the Melissa Cardinal XC Invitational on Oct. 12 with a time of 16:10 over the 5K course.

In the final tune-up before next week’s district meets a jam-packed field came to Country Ridge Park to compete on a very uncomfortable day for distance running.

Molly McQuirk finished eighth in a field of 146 ladies who took on the challenging two-mile course.

Teams from both Van Alstyne and Howe competed in the event.

Howe will travel to Pottsboro on Oct. 21 to compete in the District 11-2A meet, while Van Alstyne goes to Celina on Oct. 23 for the 12-2A event.

The top three teams and top 10 individual finishers from both districts will advance to the regional meet, which, to be held on Nov. 2 at Lynn Creek Park in Grand Prairie.

Varsity Boys Results (186 runners)

Place Name School Time

1 Evan Mcquirk Van Alstyne 16:10

69 Jacob Taylor Van Alstyne 19:54

100 Ryan Ortega Howe 20:48

106 Blake Broussard Van Alstyne 20:57

109 Luis Bastida Howe 20:59

128 Edward Cruz Howe 21:35

130 Damon Rocha Howe 21:37

135 Justin Duerr Howe 21:47

149 Nick Wilson Howe 23:06

153 Blake Linnebur Van Alstyne 23:30

162 Adrian Fetty Van Alstyne 25:16

164 Travor Boyer Van Alstyne 25:23

Varsity Girls Results (146 runners)

8 Molly McQuirk Van Alstyne 12:23

35 Hannah Taylor Van Alstyne 13:19

71 Raigan Servati Van Alstyne 13:59

91 Darci Foster Howe 14:33

114 Bailey Tyler Howe 15:20

115 Brooke Blum Howe 15:20

116 Cat Little Howe 15:21

117 Airianna Smith Howe 15:21

119 Madison Reno Van Alstyne 15:26

129 Elaine Pedersen Van Alstyne 16:14

133 Jamie Patterson Howe 16:17

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