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Howe, VA Lifters Compete in Sadler

The Howe and Van Alstyne boys powerlifting teams traveled to Sadler on Feb. 8 to compete in the S&S

High School Powerlifting Championships.

There is quite a battle shaping up in the 165-pound weight class between Ty Slaughter of Whitesboro, Jake Haker of Van Alstyne and Joaquin Lopez from Howe. Slaughter won the event at S&S with a total lift of 1,290 pounds. Lopez finished second with a 1,275 total, 20 pounds better than his previous best of the season. Haker, who finished third at Sadler, also achieved a season’s best with a total lift of 1,065, a 40 pound increase over his previous best at Princeton.

Both schools will compete in the Howe Meet on Saturday.

Boys’ Results

198 lifters- 30 schools

Team- Howe 13th, Van Alstyne 15th

Individual Results

Class Place Name School Total Lift

123 10 Brennan Ross Howe 565

132 5 McDonald Dawson Howe 790

148 16 John Stanley Van Alstyne 715

165 2 Joaquin Lopez Howe 1275

165 3 Jake Haker Van Alstyne 1065

165 6 Triston Pryor Van Alstyne 925

165 16 Daniel Van Norman Van Alstyne 695

181 6 Adam White Van Alstyne 1055

181 15 Trent Alexander Van Alstyne 845

181 20 Tanner Hartsfield Howe 780

181 21 Isaac Morrison Howe 740

181 22 Ethan Burts Van Alstyne 735

198 10 Terry Lawrence Van Alstyne 975

220 16 Joel Menjivar Howe 620

242 9 Sheldon Parkman Howe 1085

242 12 Ryan Folk Van Alstyne 1060

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